Yakima River
Guided Rafting Trips

We love guided trips and we think you will too. If you are a first time Yakima River floater a guide will help you hit the best rapids, stop at the best places or get the most relaxing day you could imagine. If you’re a seasoned Yakima River rafter, a guide will take the stress off of your group by watching out for hazards and entertaining your group by sharing Yakima River knowledge. Add picnic lunches to your reservation to make your day even more hassle-free

We offer three different trips on the Yakima River that you can read about below.

The Main Event - Upper Yakima River

The Upper Yakima River is our most popular guided rafting trips. Beginning just south of Cle Elum on the Teanaway River, pine forests surround your group as you quickly descend into the drier shrub-steppe of Eastern Washington. The open landscape is ideal for spotting wildlife. There are plenty of calm areas to swim as well as some smaller rapids to get your adrenaline pumping.

Highlights of the trip include a 20 foot jumping rock, a railroad tunnel, lots swimming and the only set of class II rapids on the Yakima.

Lazy Day - Lower Yakima River

The Lower Yakima is only available for large groups on request. Most people who go on the Lower can safely navigate without the help of a guide. This trip winds through tall sagebrush-covered hills of the Yakima River Canyon. The open landscape is ideal for spotting wildlife.

Kayak and SUP Tours

Guided Kayak and SUP tours are a great way to introduce your group to the activities. During a safety talk, your guide gives you basic instructions on how to maneuver your craft and in-depth information on spotting and avoiding river hazards. After a safety briefing, everybody is assisted down the river by one or two trained guides.

This trip gives everyone more independence to hit the best rapids or stay in the slow water and relax. Guided Kayak tours are available on the Upper or Lower Yakima River. 

For more information on Guided SUP tours, follow this link!

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A Few Guide Trip Terms & Conditions:

When you book a guided trip you and your group will have one guide per boat (up to 9 people per guide). If your group is less than 9, your group may be combined with another small group.

Minimum group sizes apply.

Reservations made within 5 days of departure must be made at(509) 964-2530


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