• Equipment Available: Rafts, Inflatable Kayaks, Fishing Gear, PFD’s, Paddles, Tubes
  • Experience Required: Proof of prior experience is required for rivers class III and above
  • Pick Up Times: Night before or Morning of
  • Length of Reservation: 1-10 days
  • Location of Pick Up: Thorp, WA
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DIY Rentals

Looking for a choose-your-own-adventure on the water? Look no further than a high-quality rental equipment from Rill Adventures. Our gear is routinely maintained so you can focus on enjoying your rafting experience and not worry about the quality of the gear.

Safety equipment is included with your rental, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re fully prepared for any situation. With helmets, life jackets, and other essential safety gear, you can relax and enjoy the ride.

And with the freedom to choose your own adventure, our rental equipment allows you to explore the river at your own pace. Decide exactly where you want to go and how long you want to stay, without the constraints of a shuttle schedule.

DIY rentals include paddles and Personal Flotation Devices for every person in the raft. They also include a pump to pump up your equipment at the river. We do not include tie down straps or trailers.

To make last minute reservations or to book for multiple days, please call (509)964-2530.


You can book a morning pick-up or an afternoon pickup when you make the reservation. If you book a morning pick-up, you will need to pick up your equipment 7:30AM – 10:00AM. If you book the afternoon pick-up, you can get your equipment between 4:30PM – 6:00PM

No shuttles are not included with DIY reservations?

You will need to bring 2 cars and park one at the end and one at the bottom. 

Yes, we can help you decide where to get in and out. However, it is your responsibility to ensure you can recognize the take-out and find your way to the start.

Yes, you can choose to pick up the equipment deflated and folded up to save space or inflated. Please note we do not provide trailers or tie-downs to strap blow up equipment to your vehicle.

Our largest boat, an 8-man, will fit in the back of most hatchback cars or SUVs without a problem. Paddles are 5 feet long and will not fit in most sedans. 

Self-bailing rafts are designed for whitewater rivers. They have an inflated floor with holes around the outside of the floor. This allows boats that take on a lot of water to drain the water without a bail bucket. They are not necessary on calm rivers but can be nice if you will be water fighting or getting in and out of the boat a lot (think swimming kids).

Yes! We don’t have them listed on our website because availability changes based on our own trips. You will have to call the office and talk to a person to get a quote. 

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