Raft Repair

Rills offers minor repairs on PVC and Hypalon rafts. We do 90% of our repairs in the off season between September and March. We offer repairs in 7 days or less during this time. Otherwise our lead time is more varied. During our busy season, you can drop you boat off and we will get to it when we can between rafting trips!

Repairs are done at $90.00 an hour. Estimate are given before all work is done.

We know how important your gear is!

Hardware Swaps/Repair

Here at Rill we are able to switch out old or broken valves on most rafts. We can also add extra D-rings, handles or foot holds.

Hole Repair

With over 25 years of repairing our own equipment, we have mastered the craft of patching rips, tears, and wear in baffles and floors.

For more answers to your questions give us a call at (509) 964-2530

How to Request a Quote

Please send an email to rafts@fairpoint.net. Include a picture of the area to be fixed, a measurement, and the brand name of the raft.

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Rest easy with Rills doing your raft repair
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