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Guided Trips

Kayakers enter the middle stretch of the Yakima River

We love guided trips and we think you will too. If you are a first time Yakima River floater a guide will help you hit the best rapids, stop at the best places or get the most relaxing day you could imagine.

When you book a guided trip you and your group will have 1 guide per boat (up to 9 people per guide). If your group is less than 9, your group may be combined with another small group. Minimum group sizes apply.

Add a picnic lunch to your day to make it even more hassle free

Our Most Popular Trip

The Upper Yakima River is our most popular guided trip. Beginning on the Teanaway River in pine forests, your group will quickly descend into the drier shrub-steppe of Eastern Washington. The open landscape is ideal for spotting wildlife. There are plenty of calm areas to swim as well as some smaller rapids to get your adrenaline pumping.
Highlights of the trip include a 20 foot jumping rock, a railroad tunnel, lots of swimming and the only set of class II rapids on the Yakima.

Other Trips

A map of the different sections Rill Adventures rafts

The Cle Elum River is the most scenic trip we offer, but a little harder to get to than the Yakima River. The Cle Elum River is flanked in thick pine forests. The water is quick with lots of islands and log jams. There is no swimming or stopping on this float; if there are kids in your group, the Upper or Lower Yakima is usually a better option.

The Jungle Tour, as we call it, starts in South Cle Elum on the Yakima River and winds through secluded forest. It is scenic like the Cle Elum River trip but offers swimming for the kids.

Lower Yakima is the least common guide trip we do because this section is so easy. Most people who go on the Lower can safely navigate without the help of a guide. This trip winds through tall sagebrush-covered hills of the Yakima River Canyon. The open landscape is ideal for spotting wildlife.

Kayak Trips

Is your group ready to advance to the next level? Try a guided Kayak trip. Groups of up to 9 people will learn how to maneuver kayaks the Upper Yakima River or the Lower Yakima River. Then, everybody will be assisted down the river by two trained guides. This trip gives everyone more independence to hit the best rapids or stay in the slow water and relax.

Reservations made within 5 days of departure must be made at (509) 964-2530

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