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  • Go here first and drop off everyone who is not a shuttle driver.


  • Shuttle drivers go here next to park your car and meet the shuttle bus.

Directions From Western Washington:

  1. From I-90 Take EXIT 85, Cle Elum/Wenatchee
  2. At the ‘T’ turn RIGHT and head toward Wenatchee
  3. After approx. 2 mile turn RIGHT onto Highway 10
  4. After approx. 1 mile stop at the FIRST Bridge, the Teanaway River Bridge.
    • Unload all of your gear and drop off your people here. There is only room on the shuttle for drivers, not your whole group.
    • Take everyone down by the water underneath the bridge to safely wait for you to return
    • Make sure that everyone has signed the waiver, you’ll want to bring the waivers to the office with you
  5. After the bridge, continue on Highway 10 another 10.9 miles.
  6. After Milepost 100, and the small fire station you’ll see a river access on the right hand side.
  7. At the take out park your car then check in with whoever is driving the shuttle bus.
    If you bring all of your people to the take out you may have to wait for an empty shuttle.

Directions from Eastern Washington:

Please call to confirm there is room on the shuttle for your whole group. If there is not room you will need to drop your group off at the Teanaway River or wait for an empty shuttle.
  1. Take EXIT 106, Ellensburg
  2. Head toward the gas stations
  3. At the roundabout take the 3rd exit, the one for Love’s.
  4. Continue on this road until you get to another 4-way stop, take a LEFT
  5. Drive for 5.1 miles and look for the second river access on the left hand side. After Milepost 101 you will see a private take-out. Our take-out is a short while after the public Fish and Wildlife launch.
  6. Park here and check in with the shuttle bus driver.

Before Your Rafting Trip

  1. Download waivers and have everyone in your group sign.
  2. Check the weather and dress appropriately.
  3. Bring food, water and snacks for the float (no glass and no styrofoam).
  4. Make sure to show up on time. If you are 30 or more minutes late and do not contact us you may be charged $20 an hour until you arrive. If you call us before your reservation time we are usually able to waive this fee.

Upon Arrival

Every reservation comes with paddles and personal floatation devices (PFDs). Each person will be fitted with a PFD by a Rill Adventures staff member. Once your raft is loaded up and everyone has PFDs your group will receive a safety talk and will be told how to recognize the take out.